How to Improve Blog Writing with Twitter

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It's time to write your business blog like a tweet.

How to Improve Blog Writing with Twitter

Or rather, a series of short, concise tweets packed with value.

One mistake I've made from time to time in writing articles on my websites is simply writing out what comes to my mind when explaining a topic.

The result? 

Paragraphs upon paragraphs of explanation which reads pretty well... if people manage to pay full attention from beginning to the end (they often don't).

Since joining Twitter, I've been observing how tweets, when done well, are excellent in delivering complex ideas without requiring readers to read chunks of paragraphs.

Make them read chunks of sentences instead.

Here are a few more things I've picked up from Twitter:

Use long paragraphs sparingly. Opt for short sentences, and more line breaks.

Write with an audience in mind. Pretend you're giving a speech on a stage.

Vary the length of sentences. Give them rhythm. Make them dance.

Cut them short. Ruthlessly.

Deliver your knowledge with precision.

Strike in, capture attention, deliver, and make your exit.

Come back when you have more to share.

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