Not Motivated on Your Business? Here's an Exercise to Fix That.

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It's one of those days. You know you should put in the work for your business today, but you just can't get into it.

For a start, let's diagnose yourself: Are you experiencing low to no motivation, or is it a burnout?

Not Motivated on Your Business? Here's an Exercise to Fix That.

Having no motivation is not the same thing as a burnout.

You are not motivated when you are not taking on more than what you can handle.

You burn out after taking on more than you can handle.

Are you the former or the latter?

If you've established that you're not motivated, read on...

Why aren't you motivated?

There's a high chance that you are not motivated because of one reason:

You're comfortable where you are.

Perhaps you're already getting X amount of money each month, whether from your business, or from somewhere or someone else.

Perhaps you have a large enough savings that will sustain you for the next few years, and you become complacent, thinking you'll have the time to work things out.

But you have to remember:

Time is a limited asset.

Keyword: Limited.

You should give yourself time to rest and for everything else in your life that matters, but don't waste it. 

You need to have a healthy sense of urgency that will want to make you work for your business consistently. Here's an exercise using only two questions that will hopefully help you to develop it:

1. What happens to you if you don't work on your business?

Ask yourself, if you don't work on your business, what will happen to you?

Write, or at least type down your answers for maximum effect.

Here are some example answers you may have:

  • If I don't work on my business, I will run out of money eventually.
  • If I run out of money, I will have to get back to a 9–5.
  • If I get back to a 9–5, I won't have the lifestyle that I want.
  • If I get back to a 9–5, I will be expected to work on tasks that does not tap into my full potential.
  • If I don't tap into my full potential, I'll be wasting away my skill and talent. 

Do I want this?

Do I?

2. What happens to others if you don't work on your business?

Now, turn your focus outwards, and think about what other people will lose out on, if you don't work on your business.


  • I have an important skill that others should benefit from.
  • I have valuable knowledge that will help others.
  • Other people are missing out if I don't get my product or service to them. I can really help them!
  • If other people aren't getting the knowledge I have, they will mess up in a certain thing they do. I could've helped them! 

So why are you stopping yourself from helping other people?

Your goal for the day is to start with just ONE.

Forget about making fancy goals, and whether they fit the SMART criteria. (They work, but not when you're unmotivated.)

For now, your goal is to start with ONE simple thing that will kickstart your momentum for the day.

It could be writing just one sentence. 

A phone call.

A message to a lead.

Then let the momentum roll, and surf it.

You got this!

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